Top 10 Supplements — 10 February 2013

As you already know protein is the most essential element to the muscle building process. If you tore up the gym and had an amazing workout, but didn’t fuel/ rejuvenate your muscles with a high protein food source or protein supplement, then you mind as well say good-bye to all that effort you put in at the gym.

“Delivering Your body a constant supply of Protein throughout the entire day is essential for optimum muscle growth. Protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles and body. Without them, it would be impossible to build. repair or even maintain muscle tissue.”

Benefits of whey protein supplements and protein powders:

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve exercise recovery
  • Improve body composition (muscle to fat ratio)

Different kinds of protein powders:

  • Whey protein – (most popular choice, rapidly broken down and digested, great amino acids, inexpensive)
  • Casein protein – (slow digesting, good to consume before bed)
  • Egg protein – (made from egg whites, high cocentration of essential amino acids, easily digested, contains almost no fat or carbs)
  • Soy Protein – (great for vegans, easily digested, high in anti-oxidants)

If you have recently been to your local GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or nutritional supplement store, then I’m sure you have seen one major section filled with various protein supplements.

What are currently the best protein supplements to go with?

Here are the Top 10 Protein Supplements of 2013:


#10 – Dymatize: Elite Whey Protein

Ratings on – 8.7/10Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Reviews


- Low Cost, Low Carb Protein is Perfect for Carb Watchers!

- 100% Elite Whey Protein

- Low Carb Solution

- Instant Mixability

- Available in All Natural

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Reviews –

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Reviews




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Taylor here and I'm just another fitness and workout enthusiast. Working out has become a HUGE part of my lifestyle because of the profound positive benefits I get from it! Everything on this site is designed to help YOU get the most out of working out and getting a step closer to reaching your dream physique.

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  1. I want to build some lean muscle mass. So I guess I’m looking for a supplement that has the most protein per container. I’ve been taking “ON’s 100% Whey Protein Powder”.

    • hey Woody, ON 100% whey protein is definitely one of the best whey protein supplements to take. I’ve gone through quite a few tubs of 100% whey and have seen great results/ quicker recovery time/ good muscle growth. I also like BSN’s Syntha-6 if it’s on sale as it tastes a bit better. But honestly, all of the above top 10 list are great protein supplements. I usually just get whatever is on sale out of this top 10 protein list.

  2. Does anyone know were I can get this platinum series protogen from ?

    • Jake, you can find protogen platinum series protein at

      • For a skinny guy who needs calories and protein Gnc’s Re Built Mass and Gnc Re Feed are best I’ve ever had. I put on 28 lbs lean cut muscle w only bodyweight and low weight lifting. Crazy good stuff. If your trying to lose weight its not for you.

  3. My Name Is Hasan Reza, Age 20 Years Weight 53 Kilograms.

    I am So Skinny and I am already doing workouts so can you please suggest me any protein powder to gain weight.

    • Hi Hasan, if you are looking to gain weight then you need to use a weight gainer supplement. Here try this link:

      You will not only need protein, but lots of carbohydrates and calories to add to your diet. Working out is key, but unless you feed your body with lots of quality protein/ calories and in your case, carbohydrates… then it is worthless. So add a weight gainer supplement to your diet and watch your muscles grow. Good luck!

      • Taylor!! i started working out 4 weeks ago Ive lost 50 pounds currently weighing 180. right now im trying to get build, do you know what the best protein and supplement are best for me?

        • Congrats Maj! That’s awesome, glad you are reaching your goals! The best protein powder that has worked for me and many others is Gold Standard 100% Whey protein. But honestly, any of the above top 10 protein list are great choices. Now for energy/ high intensity workouts to build muscle I’d go with a pre workout supplement. Checkout the top 10 pre workout list.

  4. So i need some help. Im finally deciding to change my body, 5’8 245lbs.. My MAIN GOAL is too lose the weight, then later on gain muscle. But first im worried about losing it, so i need some help. Im going to start stacking up on BCAA and Glutamine, im interested in taking scivation Xtend, as a fat burner and muscle recovery, i have my pre workout c4, and now i just want to know whats the best protein i should take?

    please correct me if you think i should take something else as a combo, i am new to this so im not so familiar on these products coping together.. so again please give some advice, and opinion is welcome..

    • Romero, C4 is a great pre workout! As for the protein, all of the above top 10 protein list are great to take. I’m currently using 100% Optimum Whey which I’ve see great results from. Plus it only has 120 calories with 3 grams carbs.

      If you want to burn that fat quickly, you have a couple of options. You can either take a fat burner supplement, do the Keto diet for a couple of weeks, or drink 1-2 organic vegetable juice drinks daily for 30 days. These are great options, it’s up to you what you choose. All 3 choices have more information that can be found on this site. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Have u tried platinum hydrowhey from ON? if u had, could u give me a review? is it much better than the normal whey from ON?

  6. I would like to know what protein would give me best results for energy, muscle mass
    And has creatine in it, I am a novice :-)

  7. HI

    I’m planning to take Protein Powder, i’m 26 old guy with 86 kgs and 5.11 inch height, I want to lose fat and gain muscle with good shape.

    I joined the gym 1 month back, can I take Protein Powder? since i’m beginner to gym.

    Please suggest me which protein powder fulfills my needs

    • Hi Ramesh, any of the about top 10 whey protein supplements are great choices to go with. I’m personally taking Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey protein and have seen excellent results as far as recovery and muscle building. For losing fat as you said, I’d try out a fat burner supplement and watch your diet. Stay on a low carb diet while taking a fat burner. Stay persistent with it and you’re destined to see results. Good luck to you!

  8. Hi,
    I joined GYM and was unable to continue as I would feel very fatigue, kindly suggest me any of the good supplements as I am a Non-Vegetarian.

    • Hey Aj, I know exactly what you mean. Have you ever tried out a pre workout supplement? They are excellent for giving you energy, focus and for building some serious muscle. I’m currently using Bullnox Androrush which I’ve seen some awesome results from. However, there are tons of pre workouts that will do the trick. Find one that works for you :)

  9. You seem like a knowledgable fellow. You keep suggesting a fat burner for people to lose weight what would u suggest as far as fat burners? Are there any natural supplements to take (green tea ect) tht actually work?

    • I suggest fat burner supplements because they are the best/ quickest way to boost your metabolism and lose weight. I would suggest any of these top 10 here:

      If you are trying to go with the natural approach, you can definitely succeed, but it might take a bit longer to hit your weight loss goals. Remember, diet is everything. Cut out all of the processed junk. What’s more important… that 10 minutes of artificial happiness eating that cheeseburger or how you’ll look and feel reaching your weight loss goals if you eat healthy? Try drinking 2 vegetable juice drinks daily. This will help you naturally boost your metabolism and provide you with natural weight loss. Plus, you’ll feel amazing if you stay consistent with it.

  10. Hey! I’m looking for supplements that can make me lose weight and keep my strength I use to be a power lifter but I just wanna become thinner! Don’t like having a lot weight on me anymore! I’m only 5’6″ and 230lbs trying to get down to 200s. I constantly work hard at the gym but see slow proggressions, my trainer says that patience is the key but I feel like a recomindation for suplemments would help thank you!

  11. ON 100% Gold standard whey protein have best results…

  12. is it safe to take spirulina powder …. I’m working out for 1 year.. i was jst 50kg..when i joined the nw I’m 60… I used variety of weight gainer protein powders … is it safe to take the spirulina powder for me build muscle mass..??

    • That’s funny you mentioned Spirulina.. I just started taking it about a week ago after reading about the numerous benefits it provides. However, it’s not meant to be used as a weight/ mass gainer.. it’s more of a multi-vitamin/ energy booster… There are really so many benefits it would take a whole article to list them all. Actually stay tuned for an article mentioning all about Spirulina soon. Check on Amazon for it to get a nice idea (read the reviews).

  13. Whats the difference between lean mass gainer and whey protein… also which one is best to increase mussel’s

    • A mass gainer is for putting on weight. Gainers usually have a lot of protein, along with tons of calories and carbohydrates. Whereas whey protein is for the most part strictly protein with low or no carbs and very low calories.

      In this case, it really depends what your goal is. Are you skinny and need to gain a lot of weight as well as muscle? Then take a mass gainer supplement. Then on the other hand, if you’re just looking to only build muscle and not looking to put on weight (or too much weight), then go with a whey protein supplement.

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