Top 10 Supplements — 24 July 2013

Looking to gain pounds of solid muscle mass with the best weight gainer supplement?

If you are a hard-gainer (have always been skinny with a super fast metabolism) then you know how hard it can be to even gain one extra pound of muscle. For many hard-gainers it seems like no matter how many calories you eat, you just can’t pack on that extra muscle mass you’ve been looking to gain. Many people of all ages have been in this position and still are in this position.

Well there is a solution… Weight Gainer Supplements.

The main objective for weight gainer supplements are to help you consume more calories than you burn, enabling you to actually pack on that muscle/ weight hard-gainers desire.

Like protein supplements, weight gainer supplements come in powdered form. However, one of the major differences is that most weight gainer or mass gainer supplements have over 600+ calories, 70+ carbohydrates, along with about double the protein intake of your typical protein supplement per one serving! So one serving of a gainer supplement is pretty much like having a full meal… and more!

So what is the best weight gainer supplement?


Here are the Top 10 Weight Gainer  Supplements of 2013


#10 – BSN True-Mass

Rating on – 8.7/10BSN True Mass Reviews

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- An Ultra Premium Lean Muscle And Lean Mass Gainer!

- Multi-Functional Protein Matrix

- Ultra-Premium Protein Sources

- Ridiculously Delicious Milkshake Flavors

- Post-Workout Recovery Or Calorie-Rich Meal Replacement

- Supports Muscle Growth, Muscle Protein Synthesis, Recovery, Vitamin And Mineral Intake, Weight Management, Nutrition

BSN True-Mass Reviews,

Username: bsalas95

  • Rating: 9/10
  • “pretty good in taste, helped pack on 5lbs and was pretty helpful in my calorie intake. I use 2 scoops after my workout because 3 scoops tend to make my shake thick and hard to drink, gives bad gas too. Overall, i expected those cons but like this product and i would recommend it.”

Username: siclorraine

  • Rating: 8/10
  • “If you’re a hard-gainer like me on a bit of a budget, I would recommend True-Mass. 18 servings for its price isn’t bad considering most bulking shakes only have about 13 servings or so. Serving size is 3 scoops, however I only used 1.5-2 scoops because 3 seems to make the shake too thick. 630 calories, 46g of protein, and 76g of carbohydrates all add up to help fill in macros for any hardgainer. Just make sure that you workout and not just drink this stuff sitting on the couch all day!”




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(4) Readers Comments

  1. Can women use weight gainer shakes?

    • Hey Ash, women can definitely use weight gainer supplements/ shakes.

  2. I weight about 120-125 lbs, very skinny 5 10 or 5 9. I can eat loads of crap, good food, etc and I never gain weight. Is there something specific for people like me?

    • Hi Mike, I know exactly what you mean. I am a hard-gainer just like you. I used to eat tons of food and still wasn’t able to gain a pound. I remember eating boxes of pasta with little to no gains lol. Funny now, but it wasn’t so funny back then :/

      I would suggest going with:

      1. A weight-gainer supplement. Also, don’t use the weight gainer as a meal replacement as most people do. Go with your normal diet (lots of good proteins and carb foods) and then add in 1-2 servings of the weight gainer daily.

      2. A natural testosterone booster. I love the results that I’ve gotten with recently taking one. I’m usually not a fan of natural test boosters, but this new one is awesome. You can read my Testofuel review and how I gained 10+ pounds here.

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