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Yea yea yea, you’ve heard it before… Everyone says that working out and exercising regularly has multiple health benefits not only physically, but mentally also. Everyone knows they ‘should’ exercise regularly, but how many people actually hit the gym multiple times a week? Maybe it’s because people just don’t REALLY know the amazing benefits working out can provide for your body and mental health.


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Working out can and will change your life if you take it seriously and turn it in to one of your favorite hobbies… or at least one of your major hobbies. I can tell you the gym has changed my life completely and it might not be the reason why you would think. Working out and going to the gym 5+ times per week has made tremendous impacts on my life and many others.


Here are the 7 Benefits of Working Out:


1. Boosts Energy


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Do you have some days where you just can’t seem to ‘wake-up’? I know I have these days all of the time and coffee might work for a little while, but then I’m right back in that slump again. This makes for an awful day of accomplishing absolutely nothing :(


Morning workouts are in my opinion the best time to get a nice gym session in. The morning is the start of your day and how your day will shape-up for the entirety of it. You might be lazy and tired first thing in the morning, but after you finish a great workout at the gym or go for a nice run you’ll feel refreshed, accomplished and ready to take on the day with a positive outlook.


So why does working out boost energy?


Exercising delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your muscle tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your lungs and heart work at a more efficient state, you have more energy throughout the day.


2. Improves Mood


Some days we all just feel ‘down and out’ and sometimes we don’t even know why we’re feeling this way, but we just do. And if you feel this way throughout your day you are just going to attract those ‘down and out’ thoughts into your head. Well no matter what, I would say 99% of the time after having an awesome workout at the gym, my mood is instantly heightened and positivity is flowing continuously.


Exercise releases endorphins which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. In some studies, exercising can be just as effective as antidepressant pills in treating depression or anxiety.


3. Promotes Better Sleep




Many people have ever-changing sleep cycles. Sometimes you go to sleep at 10 p.m. while other times you fall asleep at 3 a.m. because you just can’t fall asleep. Well regular physical exercise can help you fall asleep much faster and deepen your sleep which is huge. How you sleep depends on how you will feel the next day. Hit the gym or go for a run and watch yourself fall asleep and stay asleep during the night.


4. Reduces Stress




“I’m so stressed out!” When you are stressing about something or multiple things that stress you have will continue to build up inside of you until you are able to release it somehow. Well the best way to release all that stress in a natural and healthy way…? You got it, hit the gym or go for a jog to knock all that stress out.


Exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress.


5. Improves Self Confidence




Hitting the gym on a regular basis can result in boosted self-esteem and improve positive self image. Think about it… do you feel better about yourself if you are lounging on the couch all day eating junk food, or after having a solid workout at the gym?


6. Improves Mental Health and Creativity


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Many studies have proven that people who workout regularly have better memory, reaction time and concentration. I know from first-hand experience that working out daily clears up my clouded thinking and helps me think ‘outside the box’ rather than when I don’t workout my thinking is much more ‘closed’.


So hit the gym and not only improve your physique, but more importantly your brain power too!


7. Life Goals Can Be More Easily Attained


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This benefit you might not see on any other website or source, but I think it is one of the most important, if not THE most important benefit of all.


Everyone has life goals, things they want to accomplish and dreams they want to pursue. However, thinking or dreaming all day about these life goals won’t get you anywhere. You need to take action… let me rephrase that… you need to take MASSIVE action to attain these goals.


So how does this relate to working out??


Well to reach your goals in life you need to take massive action and to do this you need to have energy, positive/ creative thinking and even a great night’s sleep. Well what better way to have these abilities than to workout daily! By exercising everyday these abilities will rollover into other area’s of your life, including your life goals!


Many people think that working out is solely for ‘getting in shape’ and ‘toning up’. They only  think about the physical side and not how it can literally change your entire outlook on life itself! After my morning workout routine, I just set the foundation for my entire day ahead. After my workout I am able to look at my life goals with a clear, positive and creative mindset. I am feeling like a million bucks, have energy and I’m ready to take action to achieve my goals!


So head on over to the gym and have an amazing workout. Change your thinking, improve your physical and mental performance, and ultimately change your life!



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